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Her first book, "A Soldier's Child" is a romance/ World War II novel. After reading her father's diary .......

This book chronicles the lives of those who fought the war and were born during and just after WWII.  The Historical content speaks of only some of the many life shaping changes in the world and in this country that have occurred in the almost 6 decades since that mighty conflagration.  The characters within represent all of these people and how their lives were impacted by events outside their control. 

child1.gif (10513 bytes)  Jennifer Pomeroy, a young woman with great promise finds her dreams shattered by a series of poor choices in life and love. Years of turmoil, grief and struggle diminish her self esteem, but the love and guidance given her by her father and mother years before, provide the fortitude to pick up the pieces and try again and again.

Against a background of history and nostalgia, beginning in 1941, the story unravels. Jenniferís life is impacted in many subtle ways by WWII and by the subsequent changes in social attitudes.

Taking control of her life, Jennifer, at last is ready to meet the future. Only by finding happiness with herself does Jennifer reach her potential, eventually finding the passionate and fulfilling love she was meant for all along. 

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