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Judy Carney (MJ Vaughn) is a travel and romance writer. She has written many articles about her travels and cruises around the world. Judy enjoys writing about the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland and tells about being serenaded all night long outside her balcony suite in the old town area.

judy_book_signing.jpg (31820 bytes)"Judy's articles about the many castles of Germany make you feel you are being romanced by an errant knight,"

"Sunning in a deck chair is my most favorite part of cruising," she exclaims with a beautiful smile.

Book signing & a radio interview.

I really appreciate my uncles for all their help.
James Pless, William Pless, Cliff Pless, George Pless, and Dan Pless.
Judy has been everywhere and loves to write about it, especially the romantic places.
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